Strolling Photos

Strolling Photos

Introducing Strolling Photos™, a brand new take on photo favors for corporate and private events. Our professional photographers, equipped with photo editing tablets, snap your guest’s photos wherever they are in your venue; could be at the bar, at a table, in the kids lounge, or even on the dance floor. Guests then have a blast editing their photos on the spot, adding filters, borders, digital stickers and props, and even drawing on their photos. Framed prints are ready for pickup in no time. Guests can even email themselves photos and link them to their Facebook pages the moment their photos are taken! The best part is, the service takes up no space in the ballroom because there is no backdrop, and guests will have the opportunity to have photos taken even if they never leave their seat.


How it works:

Two professional photographers equipped with iPad based photo editing tablets make their way throughout the affair inviting guests to have photos taken wherever they might be standing, sitting, or even dancing. Our helpful photographers will then give guests the opportunity to approve and edit their photos right on the editing tablet. Some of the many photo editing features include:

  • Photo Filters – Black & White, Sepia, Antique and more.
  • Borders – Torn edges, Funky frames, and more.
  • Digital Stickers – Glasses, Hats, Hearts, Peace Signs & more.
  • Drawing – Guests draw on their photos using a stylus.
  • Superimpose – Magazine covers, Billboards, & more.
  • Textures – Watercolors, Pencil Sketch, Stone, Ice, & more.

After editing their photos, guests will have the opportunity to email their finished photos and even post photos to their Facebook right from the tablet. Shortly after, guests can pick up framed prints of their photos. Many framing options are available including StickaPic™, our popular line of die-cut removable adhesive frames.
Optionally, add a private gallery on where guests can edit, print, and download the photos the same way they do at the affair.

The benefits

  • Guests can have photos taken anywhere and at any time during the event.
  • Save space in the ballroom without a backdrop and tables.
  • No lines because photographers constantly circulate.
  • Get the best value for your investment, never worry about an empty photo booth.
  • Editing photos is a great extra entertainment activity!
  • Guests are able to see and approve of their photos.