Party Time Watch Station

Custom Watch Station

What time is it? It’s Party Time! No seriously! Colorful watches are where it’s at right now, just ask any kid to see their special edition G-Shock watch collection. For the first time, guests can now customize their own watch live at your affair. At our LED lit Party Time kiosk guests will have the option to choose one of eight watch band colors, and a custom graphic face featuring some of today’s most popular trends. Our helpful staff is on site to help guests with their selection and to assemble their watches. Don’t be late to the party, check our Party Time today!

The parties you organize are undoubtedly in a different league from small private parties. But there are certain occasions where even private parties will draw a large crowd or at least that’s what you hope for. I’m sure as someone who organizes parties professionally like and there are some tips you can give us.

Definitely! Whether a private party or a mega event, the workflow for organizing a successful party is similar in many ways. You have to send out invitations, prepare the venue, buy drinks and organize the music and DJs. You’ll find differences in the details and that’s also where the problem lies. Many people think it’s easy to organize a party, not realizing that you need to have a knack for organizing, know the market well and be able to absorb financial risk. It always helps to calculate the costs precisely and have realistic goals.