Mitzvah Magic Speakers

Custom Speaker Station

Let’s face it, the tech revolution is upon us, with product innovation at an exponential pace. Stay one step ahead of the curve this year with our brand new customizable portable speaker station. Give your guests a favor they will never put down when they have the chance to amplify music from their smart phone or iPod in a whole new way. Guests choose their color of speaker, customize it with graphics, and the fun begins. Our proprietary Magic Speaker works right out of the box, guests simply turn on the speaker on the their music device, place it on top of the speaker, and wirelessly without any setup, music will begin streaming through the speaker. Every speaker package comes with our signature kiosk that is sure to be a focal point of your affair. Our helpful staff is on site to help guests with their selections. Speakers come packaged in a full color custom box that can include photos, logos, and more.

This is the ultimate accessory to take to camp, on long road trips, or even listen to tunes on your bed. If new and different is what you’ve been looking for, the search stops here.