Fit+ Challenge

Fit+ Challenge

Introducing the Fit+ Challenge, a revolutionary event entertainment service featuring Nike’s Hyperdunk+ technology. Guests face off in a fitness challenge that measures vertical jump height and running speed. Winner’s receive prizes including Nike gift cards, Nike clothing, and an optional new pair of Nike Hyperdunks.


How it works:

Guest’s strap on a pair of our custom glow in the dark Fit+ Hyperdunks and step onto the Fit+ Challenge stage. The shoes are outfitted with sensors that measure vertical jump height and running speed. Data is synced in realtime to our  Fit+ app which is displayed on plasma screens for all to see. Guests are given 30 seconds to execute as many steps in place as possible followed by 3 vertical jumps.

The highlights of their challenge including total number of steps taken and highest vertical jump are updated to the dynamic leader board to keep guests up to speed.
The Fit+ Challenge team is made up of college and professional athletes, trainers, and coaches who will motivate your guests to jump higher and run faster. Who thought getting in shape could be this fun!

The Fit+ Challenge stage is outfitted with two challenge stations allowing two guests to compete simultaneously. Our custom Fit+ Hyperdunks are provided in sizes 8-12 for men and women. After each challenge the shoes are properly disinfected and prepared for the next challenger. Disposable socks are also provided for all participants.
At the end of the event the winners will be awarded a Fit+ Challenge Award Certificate along with their prizes.

Various prize packages are available and can be modified to fit the number of desired winners and budget of the event.