Company owner Simon Miller worked on digital event sign-in technology for two years, experimenting with smartboards and other touch screens before landing on Apple’s iPad to create the iSign guestbook. Flush-mounted on the bezel of a custom metal truss podium, the battery-powered iSign stands at a height that’s low enough for kids but comfy for taller guests, too. Arriving guests sign in, using stylus and software options to add a personal touch-screen touch or two, and then their messages are displayed on a tethered big screen for fellow revelers to see. “For the larger screen, we use our proprietary LCD screen enclosures that are made from diamond-plate chrome,” Miller explains.

Miller and his team can create digital iSign backgrounds to match any theme imaginable. Summer camp logos, pix of pals and sports teammates, palettes or thematic symbols — you name it and the Simon Elliot Events crew has probably digitized it into an iSign background. The iSign podium is customizable, too. For a recent basketball-theme event, Miller turned the iPad podium surface into a basketball and the display screen into the backboard. “The options are limitless,” he says.

A big hit at bar and bat mitzvah bashes and Sweet 16s, the iSign “incorporates many technologies that are at the heart of today’s culture,” Miller says. “Our young guests are so enthralled with technology, whether on the web or their cellphones, the iSign is a mere extension of what to them is already so natural.”